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Lumber Yard – General Labor

Job Title: Lumber Yard
Salary Type: Hourly
Salary: $11.00
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Greater Lansing, MI area
Job Description: All work is done outside or in warehouses that are not climate controlled

  • Place band separators in between units according to unit requirements
  • Remove all foreign objects from units
  • Manually maneuver boards to ensure proper unit size and dimension
  • Visually inspect units for imperfections
  • Stack individual units into multiple units for treating or kiln drying
  • Use nail gun to secure fence pickets together
  • Stack fence panels into unit sizes required by each order
  • Using a tagging gun, put customer required stickers on individual pieces of a unit
  • Monitor and prevent tags from running out
  • Have a high level of attention to detail, ensuring tags are placed in same directions on each individual piece
  • Ensure each piece has a tag
  • Assist the planer supervisor in inventory checks at the discretion of the planer supervisor.
  • Communicate with the stacker operator and out feed forklift driver to ensure that the operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
  • Make certain that all lumber is run out before shutting down operations unless otherwise directed.
  • Pick up and dispose of all sticks and broken lumber.
  • Inspect work station, staple/nail gun, and air lines daily to ensure preventative maintenance can be done.
  • Responsibly follow all safety procedures and policies, work together with co-workers to ensure a safe working environment, and reports all accidents or unsafe conditions to supervisor.
  • Wrap needed products with paper wrap.
  • Clean control rooms, break rooms, bathrooms, the planer pit, around the shavings systems, sweep floors, and the floor around and under your work center, utilizing all necessary lock-out procedures as needed.
  • Paint hand rails and guards.
  • Maintain a safe workplace and culture, and complete required safety forms, checklists, and permits.
Minimum Qualifications:
  • Must have Diploma or GED
  • $11.00/hour trial hire with raise offered upon hire in if performance is good.
  • Must have own reliable transportation
Employer: Personnel World
Address: 924 Centennial Way, Suite 400, Lansing, MI 48917
Email: Contact Us
If you are interested in applying with Personnel World, please fill out our online application and cut and paste your resume (RTF).  If you do not hear from us with 48 hours from submitting your application, please contact our office at 517-323-3500.

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