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Job Title: Fabricator
Salary Type: Hourly
Salary:  $16.00 – $18.00/hour
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Greater Lansing, MI area
Job Description:
  • Develop and design welding projects
  • Lay out, cutting, fitting, measuring and welding metals
  • Constantly inspect and test welds and equipment
  • Mig, Tig, Stick, Flux, Aluminum welding
Minimum Qualifications:
  • Must have good hand, eye coordination
  • Good basic mathematical knowledge
  • Must be able to read and understand blueprints and other manuals
  • Some computer knowledge
  • Some machining knowledge
  • Must be able to lift 50lbs
  • Must be able to stand for long periods of time
  • Knowledge of specific welding processes, such as TIG, MIG and ARC
  • Ability to use heavy machinery, such as forklifts and cranes
Employer: Personnel World
Address: 924 Centennial Way, Suite 400, Lansing, MI 48917
Email: Contact Us
If you are interested in applying with Personnel World, please fill out our online application and cut and paste your resume (RTF).  If you do not hear from us with 48 hours from submitting your application, please contact our office at 517-323-3500.

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