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Pit Clean Out Laborer

Job Title: Pit Clean Out Laborer
Salary Type: Hourly
Salary: $11.00 – $13.00/hour
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Greater Lansing, MI area
Job Description: Work hours could begin at 2:00AM in the morning (8 to 16 hour shifts)

Cleaning out pits, drains and tanks with use a large capacity hi-vacuum semi-tanker and manual shoveling. Floor drain and tank cleaning and power washing. Car Wash Pits, Floor Drains, Sewer & Storm Drains, Miscellaneous Vac Services, Emergency Services and Disposal for other licensed Liquid Industrial Waste Transporters. All material is processed and recycled within the facility.

Minimum Qualifications:
  • Must be reliable
  • Must be able to work early morning hours into the afternoon and some weekends.

If you have already applied with Personnel World please call our office at 517-323-3500 to discuss this opening.

If you do apply for this position and do not hear from us within 48 hours, please contact our office for more information at 323-3500.

Employer: Personnel World
Address: 924 Centennial Way, Suite 400, Lansing, MI 48917
Email: Contact Us
If you are interested in applying with Personnel World, please fill out our online application and cut and paste your resume (RTF).  If you do not hear from us with 48 hours from submitting your application, please contact our office at 517-323-3500.

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