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Looking for a new job can easily be one of the most overwhelming things you ever do. It’s hard to know the most effective way to find out who’s hiring and the best way to let a company know you are interested. The first step is to go where there are available jobs and begin your search. How do you know which method of searching is going to yield results and which are going to yield dead ends? There are several ways to seek employment, but never limit yourself to just one method. Let’s take a look at a few avenues for job seekers.

Job Search Engines

Search engines sometimes feel like a vast ocean of job seekers all posturing for a few available positions. The truth is, if you can learn how to best utilize a job search engine, you might be surprised at how many employers reach out. This is more than just entering “jobs lansing mi” into Google! To find available jobs that are the best match for you, be as specific as possible. Use your resume and filters or select niche search engines so an employer can see exactly how you fit their needs. Often, recruiters peruse search engines and will reach out if they see something in your resume or cover letter that looks like a good fit for their client.

Community Boards and Job Seeker Meetups

There are employers and job seekers who decline the use of internet search engines and opt to pool local talent to fill their open positions. This is a more personal and interactive way to seek out available jobs as it gives you the opportunity to reference geographical commonalities and/or meet someone in person. Taking the job search from a big nationwide database to a localized search or face-to-face conversation allows both the job seeker and the hiring employer to get a feel for each other up front and arrange quick follow-up interviews and discussions.

Recruiters and Staffing Agencies

Recruiters and staffing agencies are a great option for the busy job seeker who likes more of a matchmaking approach to looking for available jobs. Likewise, employers will hire a staffing agency to vet potential hires for them to retain quality interviews and weed out the quantity. Staffing agencies will often know of available jobs that aren’t posted anywhere online and can even help you polish your resume and negotiate benefits packages. To have the best luck with an agency, narrow your focus to one that specializes in employment in your field.

Spread the Word

Word of mouth is a method that a lot of job seekers overlook. There is something holding most people back from just spreading the word that they are looking for a position. But, “It’s all about who you know,” became a common saying for a reason. So, discretely let some people know that you are looking for a job. You might be surprised at who is willing to put in a great recommendation at their own place of employment when a position becomes available.

The great thing about searching for available jobs is that you don’t have to try any one method. There are many ways to get the word out that you are on the market and searching for new employment. Better yet, you can engage as many different methods as possible without commitment. With the limitless options of the internet, the personalized approach of a staffing agency, and the power of word of mouth, you can kick your job hunt into high gear and start your new job in no time.

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