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Four Great Reasons to Use Temp Agencies

Temp agencies get a bad reputation for being a last resort employment option for job seekers. This picture of the temporary employment industry is an incomplete picture. While some will exhaust all their permanent hire options before turning to a temp agency, others have tapped into the unique benefits of temporary hiring. The reality is that partnering with an agency to find temporary work has a host of perks for the employee. Let’s look at some great reasons to use a temp agency.

Start Working Fast

With many temp agencies, a job seeker can upload an application and resume quickly and begin searching immediately for open jobs. With the agency constantly looking to hire workers for their customers, and usually quickly, you could find yourself heading to your first day in no time. Hiring permanent workers is a long process that can get held up with red tape and multiple interviews spanning a period of time. In the meantime, you have bills to pay. Rather than spending four months trying to talk a company into hiring you, you could be working in a fraction of the time and continue your permanent job hunt at a slower and more deliberate pace. Having a job already allows you to be discriminating as you look for long-term employment. An added benefit is a lot of people end up getting full-time employment from companies where they started as a temp.

Getting a Taste of Different Industries

Having trouble deciding what you want to be when you grow up? Typically temp agencies work with a lot of different companies to fill open positions. The benefit to you is the opportunity to try out different industries and see how you like working in them. Getting hired as a temp gives you the perfect perspective as an insider to see how the company runs, what they do and whether or not it’s something you want to do long term. Temping is the perfect way to “date” different careers before you decide to commit.


Do you like to work an office job every now and then to support yourself while you are pursuing your passion? Maybe you are writing a book and temping allows you to take chunks of time off to finish the next great novel. Perhaps you are a musician, or a missionary, or a mom and committing to a permanent job will not allow you to do the things you feel pulled to do. When you work with a temp agency, you have the ability to take on a job if it fits with your life or pass on it.

Professional Development

Sometimes we need a little boost in experience but aren’t able to accept an unpaid internship or go back to school. Along with temping comes the opportunity to build up your resume and get some valuable feedback and career counseling from the agency staff. Employees at temp agencies are in the business of screening employees, hiring, and placement. They have an accurate feel for what is expected in the professional realm and it only helps you both for them to share their wisdom with their employees.

Temp agencies are not the bottom of the barrel hiring solution that some have pegged them to be. Many people have turned to seasonal jobs and temporary work situations for a variety of reasons. Agencies are great for people who need to work quickly, want a wider experience base, need work flexibility or who just need some additional work experience. Making a job work for you may be just what you need at this time in your life so why not give it a try?

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